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Siobhan A. Braybrook, Group Leader.

cell wall colorEmail: siobhanb (at)

Siobhan obtained her BSc Honors in Plant Biology from the University of Guelph, Canada, and her Ph.D. in Plant Molecular Biology from the University of California at Davis, USA with John Harada. She began researching plant mechanics during her NSF-funded post-doc in the lab of Cris Kulemeier in Bern, Switzerland. Siobhan moved to Cambridge in January 2013 to set-up The Plant Mechanics Group at The Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge. In July of 2017, the lab moved to the Department of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology at UCLA. Siobhan likes anything to do with shapes in plants, from sunflower patterning to pavement cell shape.


Firas Bou Daher, Postdoctoral Researcher.

FBEmail: firas.boudaher (at)

Firas received his Dipl. Agricultural Engineering from the Lebanese University, Beirut, and an M.Sc. in Horticultural Genetics and Biotechnology from Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania, Greece. He then obtained his Ph.D at the University of Montreal with Anja Geitmann, followed by a post-doc with Jaideep Mathur at the University of Guelph, Canada. Firas is interested in cell-cell adhesion during growth and tissue level growth coordination.



Marina Linardić, PhD Student

ML_2Email: marina.linardic (at)

Marina has a BSc in Biology and an MSc in Ecology and Nature Protection from the University of Zagreb. She has a lot of experience in algal ecology and physiology, and joins us on a Lewin-Fritsch Studentship in Phycology, shared between Plant Sciences and Downing College. Marina studies cell wall mechanics and shape growth in brown algae.


Louis Kaplan, PhD Student

LouisEmail: louis.kaplan (at)

Louis studied mechanical engineering. However, at some point along the way he realised that he was more interested in phenotypes and cotyledons than pulleys and cantilevers. He is now investigating possible mechanical contributions to plant morphogenesis via experiments and simulations.


JJ Chen, PhD Student


Email: yuanjie.chen (at)

JJ has a mathematical background, and also a MSc in Systems Biology. He joined the group as a master’s student working on image processing and analysis in 2014. He then returned to the group as a PhD student, investigating the mechanisms of plant cell elongation. He is trying to build a model describing elongation, as well as looking into gene expression patterns which correlate with it.


Giulia Arsuffi, PhD Student


Email: giulia.arsuffi (at)

Giulia is a BBSRC-funded student, jointly supervised by Sebastian Schornack. She is interested in how the Marchantia cell wall relates to development and microbe interactions. With a background in plant molecular biology from Sheffield, she is ready to tackle the evolution of gel mechanics.

Braybrook Group, Summer 2016

(MIA: Tom and JJ)


Braybrook Group, Winter 2016

Jan Party 2016

Braybrook Group, Summer 2015

2015 BBQMarco Aita, Firas Bou Daher, Marina Linardic, Tom Torode, Rozi Vofely, Joanna Landymore

The Braybrook Group, Summer 2014IMG_3010Simon Butterworth, Siobhan Braybrook, Marco Aita, Martin van Rongen, Amy Roberts, Lihua Han, and Firas Bou Daher.

Past Members

Roza Vőfély, Graduate Student

Thomas Torode, Post-doctoral Researcher

Adi Naamati, Research Assitant

Shen Bayon de Noyer, Research Assistant

Marco Aita, Post-doctoral researcher

Emily Marr, Undergraduate, Plant Sciences Part II Project.

Summer interns 2015: Jack Clough and Molly Murton (King’s College)

Joanna Wolstenholme, Undergraduate, Plant Sciences Part II Project.

Simon Butterworth, Undergraduate Researcher. Nat Sci.

Amy Roberts, Undergraduate Researcher, UROP Summer Project

Amish Gir, Undergraduate Researcher. Plant Sciences Part II Project.

Ashley Manton, Undergraduate Researcher, UROP Summer Project.

Alexis Peaucelle, Visiting Scientists via AgreenSkills.

Lihua Han, Senior lab technician

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